Professional Speaker
  • Healthy Customers Healthy Profits
    Baltimore, MD
  • The National Restaurant Association's Annual Conference in Chicago
  • MENUS hosted by Restaurant Business Magazine in Charleston
  • The Martha Nelson Lewis Symposium at The Ohio State University, Columbus
  • The Culinary Institute of America & Food Arts Magazineís Worlds of Flavor Baking and Pastry Invitational Retreat Flavor Design & The Experimental Pastry Kitchen: In Pursuit of Pleasure, Health and Well-Being.
  • Le Cordon Bleu-Paris
  • ADA state affiliate dietetic association annual meetings including Florida, Massachusetts, New York, Arkansas, Pennsylvania, California, Georgia, Connecticut, and Rhode Island
  • Society for Nutrition Education
  • American Dietetic Associationís Food Nutrition Conference and Exhibition
  • The National Restaurant Associationís executive nutrition study group
  • World Congress Center, Atlanta
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